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All Educators are committed to providing stimulating early education programs for each child in their care and will actively seek your input and feedback relating to your child's experiences whilst at the Centre. "Family Input Sheets' are a fabulous way for you to contribute to your child's education at the Centre and are readily available on top of the lockers in each room. Educators will liase closely with you about all aspects of your child's development and daily experiences, and we encourage you to share any information or concerns you may have with your child's Educators.  We encourage children to develop a caring, sharing attitude, which will enhance their confidence.  As Educators, we focus on providing children with a warm, loving, caring environment that stimulates the mind, body and personality.


Room Educators carefully consider children's individual interests and 'plan' activities, experiences and learning opportunities to extend children's interest - for however long the interest may last.


Sometimes children are excited about a particular theme or experience for days or even weeks, however at other times the children can quickly move onto another interest.  Your child's Educators are always engaging with the children and are constantly aware of their interests, however spontaneous they may be and therefore are able to plan, participate and observe a range of experiences to promote positive Learning Outcomes.  Information about Learning Outcomes is readily available on display in the foyer.


Learning Stories about the activities and experiences that have shaped your child's day at the Centre are also displayed daily in each room.  You are also welcome to peruse your child's Learning Journal which is accessible in each room.


Our dedicated and experienced Educators will compile a Learning Journal for your child throughout each year.  This Learning Journal will contain examples of their learning, including artwork, photographs, family input sheets and experiences in which they have participated.

Happy customers


-The centre is family run and it certainly has that feel to it.  All the staff know all my children's names and make my son's drop off's a breeze .


-We all feel at home at the centre. The staff are well established within the centre, know you by name when greeting you, and I have always felt extremely comfortable leaving my children there.



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