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Here at Redland Bay Early Education centre our purpose built facilites provide the children with a variety of educational experiences.  The environment has been designed around the interests and needs of the children attending the service. Some of our latest additons to our yard include; a creek bed with running water, flower and herb gardens, natural play environement and a fairy garden.  We also have 3 resident chickens which hatched onsite during our chicken hatching program in 2013.  We have watched these little chicks grow into full grown chickens and now they are laying, the children enjoy collecting the eggs each morning and taking them to the kitchen where they are used in meals prepared for lunches.

Our vegetable, herb and flower garden have been made, cared  for and loved by the children.  In conjunction with Miss Julie in the kitchen we decide on what is going to be planted so we are able to use our crops  within our daily cooking.  The children enjoy caring for our gardens and also learn what plants need to survive and grow.  An example of our produce include:  Parsley, mint, oregano, thyme, beans, eggplant, snow peas, passionfruit, lettuce strawberries and capsicum. 

Our water tank and creek bed is lots of fun as the children love to engage is messy play.  As the creek bed fills with flowing water from the water tank the children like to add boats, trucks, rocks and shovels to use in conjunction with their imaginative play.

The outdoors area has three rubber frogs underneath a shady coloured umbrella which is a lovely water play area for the children during the hotter months of the year.  The frogs spray water from their mouths and provide the children with lots of interactive fun.

The children's fairy garden is a nice and tranquil environment where the children can play at any time.  The fairy garden was constructed using the children's ideas and thoughts about what should be included.  The fairy garden includes flower gardens which the children take care of, table and chairs to sit at as well as pillows and cushions for storytelling.





Happy customers


-The centre is family run and it certainly has that feel to it.  All the staff know all my children's names and make my son's drop off's a breeze .


-We all feel at home at the centre. The staff are well established within the centre, know you by name when greeting you, and I have always felt extremely comfortable leaving my children there.



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